Vaccination or immunization is the process of stimulating an individual’s immune system to develop immunity to a particular pathogen. Vaccination is highly important for babies and there is a schedule for providing vaccine to a baby. When the baby stays inside the womb of her mother, she has no immunity against the diseases. Also, she is protected from pathogens inside the body of the mother. However, when the baby is delivered a number of bacteria try to enter and thus vaccine is highly recommended at birth.

The immune system of babies are not fully developed at the time of birth and their stomachs produce less acid which makes it easier for the bacteria and viruses to multiply. A child born today is expected to have 11 or 12 vaccines within first two years, few of which are given in multiple doses.

We take care and remind you for all vaccines as skipping or delaying vaccines may leave your child vulnerable to diseases. In case you have missed one, discuss about it with our pediatrician now.

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Our Vaccination Services


We provide immunization or vaccination for all the age groups at our centres to help in developing the immune system of the babies. In case you forget one we will suggest you the next step and assure that you won’t forget in future.