Post Natal Classes

The journey from being pregnant to delivering a baby results in a sea change in your body structure. It is important for you to tone your muscles. With KIMS Cuddles get back in shape after the arrival of your new born. We have designed multiple programmes to suit all postnatal stages. Our experts have years of experience shaping new moms.

Our mission is to get back you in your jeans, kurtis from initial recuperation in your first six weeks. Be rest assured to be in perfect shape all behind your pram.

KIMS Cuddes has best trainers of industry to ensure you get the best results while having loads of fun with like minded mums by your side. Don’t worry whether you underwent natural labor or a caesarean section, all our exercises are safe for new moms. Also, let your baby become a fitness enthusiast from the outset.

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Post Natal Classes We Offer

Handling New Borns

There are plenty of things you must pay attention to after the baby is born. With this class our experts will guide you in handling new born, changing diapers, bathing, dressing, swaddling, feeding and burping. All your worries and queries will get resolved.

Dad Survival Guide

Wondering how you you’ll cope with a new baby? Don’t worry with these classes we will guide you on managing a new born. This is an exclusive class for all new dads. Know what you must to do for your kid and wife.

Understanding Your Child’s Sleeping Patterns

For newborns, sleep during the early months occurs around the clock. It is very important to understand sleeping patterns as it helps your baby to develop healthy habits. We will guide you on what you should notice and what you should do.

Handling Postpartum Depression

Majority of women experience at least one symptom of the baby blues soon after childbirth. It is a feeling due to sudden change in hormones, stress, isolation, sleep deprivation and fatigue. Learn ways to combat these changes.

Losing Excessive Fat

All the cells in your body that swelled during your pregnancy begin to release the extra fluid. These get eliminated from the body through urine, sweat and secretions. Our experts will help you get back in shape.