We know the most wonderful experience in a woman’s life is during those 40 glorious weeks where she leaves no stone unturned to bring a healthy child into the world. Some women sail through it without any discomfort while others really have to work hard to make it to that day!

Pregnancy is a time of hormonal overload, bloating, cramping, nausea, back pain, constipation and the uncontrollable need to paint the spare bedroom and reorganize the closets.

We help you in overcoming the nesting syndrome by assisting on ways to have a healthier, less stressful pregnancy with our personalized nutrition program. Our well-trained nutritionist will help you in improving your eating habits and exercise behaviours before your pregnancy. Our expert will understand your current eating behaviours and look for deficiencies, or overloads of nutrients, such as iron, foliate, protein, carbohydrates, total fat, omega 3 fats, calories, fluids and fiber to support a healthy weight and fertility.
The final assessment is made after reviewing other lifestyle behaviours like smoking, sleep, stress, time management etc. We focus on prioritizing things that can improve overall health and support a vibrant pregnancy.


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Our Nutritionist Services

Prenatal Healthcare

We have world-class pre-natal healthcare services for providing the best care to the mother and baby before the delivery. We also help in planning of exercise and meditation schedule.

Nutrition Plan

Nutrition plan is designed after checking the nutrient levels in the mother’s body. We help in making the body healthy for both: baby and mother. Post pregnancy, get back to ideal weight.

Restructuring of the Diet Pattern

If the eating patterns of the to-be mother are found to be unhealthy, then we focus on restructuring the whole diet pattern. We will design meal plans and patterns exclusively for you.

Post-natal Health Care

After the birth of the baby, the body of the mother is torn and lack nutrients. We develop a healthcare plan for the baby and the mother to build their body and support all hormonal change.